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Wide Service Network - Exceptional Service

Wide Service Network

Exceptional Service

Mentfield’s one-to-one specialist service guarantees customer satisfaction.

Expert shipping and logistics departments carry out every loading on the most appropriate route, fast and affordable costs. The professional team of the company has experts on Hazardous and Hazardous Goods and Nondurable Goods.

Thanks to the advanced computer system and interactive website, customers can monitor their load movements in real time.

Values Added by Mentfield

Air Freight

Air Freight Export
With regular exports to more than 100 destinations worldwide, Mentfield’s customer base is expanding to every point of the industry spectrum. Professional service to ensure the most attractive, space-allocation and fastest transit time
• Direct or indirect flights to any size, every weight, anywhere
• Strong trade relations with leading airlines
• Fast customs clearance and document production
• During the course of the freight excellent personal surveillance
• Web-based cargo tracking and automatic customer information
• Private rented cargo plane service (off-scale, animal, stealth cargo)

Air Freight Import
As a worldwide provider of consolidation and transport, Mentfield provides import aircrafts to import aircrafts at all scale. As Mentfield knows that air transport is an expensive service, its programs focus on rapid arrival and continuous communication:
• Competitive prices and space on the leading airline
• Real-time tracking, cargo tracking and customer information
• Regular consolidations from all major airlines
• Through the door in every corner of the world shipment to the door
• Personal guidance during the time of importation
• Fast customs clearance and distribution
• Professional Drop Shipment department
• Expertise in the importation of fashion, non-durable goods, hazardous / dangerous goods, pharmaceutical products, electronic, non-scale cargoes.

Road Freight

Sea Freight

Sea Freight Export

  • Carrying out LCL (Partial Container Loading) and FCL (Full Container Loading) installations.
  • Real-time cargo tracking and customer information.
  • Carrying out the relevant paperwork, necessary documents and licenses, and giving consultancy.
  • The regular groupage / partial loading options are available from the main regular LCL and FCL services.
  • It acts as licensed NVOCC (shipping without ship owner) in many countries.
  • Customer-tailored services for global customers. optimization of cost with transit time in all shipment chains.
  • Expertise in export of non-hazardous goods, hazardous / dangerous goods, pharmaceutical products, non-scale cargoes.

Sea Freight Import

  • Excellent control of all chain managements from start to finish.
  • Real-time freight tracking and customer information.
  • Carrying out the relevant paperwork, necessary documents and licenses, and providing consultancy.
  • Regular groupage / partial loading options, regular LCL and FCL services from the main ports in every corner of the world. Focused Mentfield teams.
  • All kinds of FCL (full container loading) services.
  • All services comply with the ISO 9001: 2000 quality standards. Guaranteeing the most favorable conditions in the entire shipping chain.
  • Worldwide NVOCC (transportation without ship owner) transports.
  • Specialization in the import of goods, animals, harmful / dangerous goods. Customer-tailored services for global customers.


The network of the Mentfield Group’s worldwide customs clearance department representatives conducts all the customs clearance process smoothly, including the preparation of all necessary documents, the calculation of taxes and charges, as well as the provision of all important communications between importers / manufacturers and state authorities.

Mentfield customs clearance services, among others:

  • Some countries have 24 hours customs clearance.
  • Help with product classification.
  • Assistance in the preparation of necessary documents.
  • Tax calculations and communication with authorities.
  • Specialization is involved in the customs clearance of non-standard cargoes (technology, harmful substances, food and agricultural products, non-scale loads, non-durable goods, military equipment).

Logistics and Distribution

Complete Supply Chain Management

Mentfield provides importers, exporters and distributors with commercial storage space at logistic warehouses around the world.

Mentourel’s 24/7 customer service and advanced computerized inventory system together with the company’s logistics storage solutions include significant stock observation and surveillance;

  • Stock management
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Collection and packaging
  • Order Consolidation
  • Wholesale / Retail / Online order management
  • Labeling and RFD (Free Shipping to Rural Area) Inventory Control


Management of Perishables

Mentfield provides services in the non-durable goods industry through Customs Clearance and Delivery, Air, Sea and Land Import and Export.

Specially designated units are available 24/7 and offer a personalized service to customers. A complete cold chain from the starting point to the destination is required for the transport of fresh, frozen or other unsafe goods. Mentfield understands this issue and provides Airline experts with on-site service to its customer network consisting of various types of food suppliers, fresh fruit and vegetables and seafood importers as well as Cold Air Container experts.

  • Transportation of all kinds of unstable cargo to all corners of the world by air and sea
  • Service at all European ports
  • Customs clearance (customs tax management and deferral facilities)
  • Management of claims and license management
  • Distribution and frozen in UK and Europe (Pallet and all container)
  • Storage for Perishables
  • Degree / temperature control facility
  • Inventory control and inventory management
  • Sales Order process and completion
  • Packaging facilities
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Observation Services (Quality Assurance and Quality Reporting)
  • Defra (Environment, Food and Agricultural Services Service), Plant Health and HMI (Horticultural Market Inspectorate)

Insurance Agency

The insurance of the cargo is one of the highly recommended elements for trouble-free transport. Mentfield Insurance Agency provides air and sea insurance services to its customers and provides insurance consultancy services to all importers and exporters. Mentfield The agency is committed to providing personal and professional services, as well as adapting insurance coverage to customers’ needs and load types.

Mentfield Insurance Agency has extensive experience in personal vehicle imports, refrigerated cargo on the truck, insurance of animal imports, and many other high-consistency and high-risk burdens. All of the agency’s professional managers are certified insurers and have more than 20 years of experience in the air, marine and general insurance industries.

In addition, the Mentfield Insurance Agency is entitled to provide general insurance services and has recently started to offer basic property insurance, car insurance, individual property and business insurance.

Contact our insurance specialists for more information – insurance@mentfield.com

Mentfield Pharma

Mentfield is a provider of international land, sea transport and customs clearance logistics with over 35 years of experience and 700 employees worldwide.

Mentfield Pharmaceutical specializes in Clinical Supply Chain solutions and provides a temperature-controlled service to life science, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

Mentfield İlaç’s international network covers storage and distribution in packaging, prerequisite transport, customs clearance, and Heat Controlled Conditions.

Mentfield Pharmaceuticals is a global company and has a network of cGDP partners in 50 countries in 17 countries worldwide.

This network and structure allows Mentfield customers to find the right supply chain solutions at renewed, flexible, fast and attractive prices. Mentfield Pharmaceuticals provides the most advanced and creative logistics solutions.

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