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Mentfield serves as a single body for all air / sea import and export transportation and logistics services. The wide range of services include packaging, storage and distribution, door-to-door delivery, marine insurance, purchase order matching, drop-off services, Special Project Management, Non-Durable Goods Transportation, Transport of Hazardous Goods and more.

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Why Mentfield?

Brave Customer Service

Mentfield always attaches great importance to being next to its customers and providing creative solutions in line with their needs. Mentfield always finds a way! The Mentfield team provides personal and personal attention to each customer. People are the power source of Mentfiel.

Honest and Ethical

Honest and Moral Service in every case of business process.

We Work Hard

Victory – Mentfield’s desire for perfection and better service and lower prices than its competitors.
Work hard and have fun while working.

Air Freight

With regular exports to the 100th endpoint worldwide, Mentfield’s customer-oriented industry range is spreading. Professional service to ensure the most attractive, space-allocated and fastest transit time. Competitive prices and allocation of space on leading air routes.

Road Freight

Mentfield’s door-to-door transport offers the most advanced and comprehensive service combining air, sea and land transport. With the TIR (Transit International Routier) contract, Mentfield’s trailer services included delivering and delivering from many locations.

Sea Freight

The wide range of services offered by Mentfieldors expert maritime export department ensures that customers receive optimum benefits throughout the entire shipment process. Carrying out LCL (Partial Container Loading) and FCL (Full Container Loading) installations. Real-time load tracking and customer information

Other Services

Mentfield is dedicated to providing the most reliable, professional and fast customs clearance services. – Management of Nondurable Goods – Complete Supply Chain Management Mentfield offers commercial space storage for importers, exporters and distributors at logistic stores around the world.

About us

Over 30 Years of Experience

Mentfield is an international provider of land, air, sea transport and customs clearance logistics. With over 30 years of experience and 500 employees worldwide Mentfield is your best choice.

Reaches many places in the world.

Mentfield is at the forefront of international transport and customs consultancy market. Mentfield’s subsidiaries in the United States, the UK, Germany, Central Europe, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, China and Hong Kong, as well as subsidiaries in more than 100 countries guarantee fast and safe shipment worldwide.

Mentfield has a large customer base.

The firm’s extensive customer base includes the leading high-tech companies, the Defense Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Fashion Industry, and the Durable Goods Industry, which require advanced transport expertise. She is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and certified by the Standard Institute twice a year.

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